IWRB Seaduck Research Group Bulletin

No 5, November 1995

List of Contents

Editorial 1
IWRB Western Palearctic Seaduck Database 2
IWRB Seaduck Research Group 5
Formation of an Atlantic Subgroup of the IwRB Seaduck Research Group 7
Minutes of the first meeting of the Baltic Region Subgroup of the IWRB Seaduck Research Group 9
First steps towards the formation of a Black Sea Region Subgroup 13
Observations of arttic waterfowl migratin from Puhtu, on the western coast of Estonia in May 1992 14
Visual observations of the spring migration of arctic waterfowl along the western coast of Estonia in 1993 19
Spring migration of arctic waterfowl from Vyborg and Repino (Russia) in spring 1993 25
Appendix 30


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