Wetlands International Seaduck Specialist Group Bulletin

No 6, December 1996

List of Contents

Editorial 1
Status reports
IWRB Western Palearctic Seaduck Database 2
Satellite telemetry locates wintering Spectacles Eiders 7
Conservation and research on Common Scoter in the United Kingdom 9
Oesophageal and gizzard contents of wintering Steller's Eider from Varangerfjord, Norway 13
Regional reports
News from regions in the Western Palearctic 21
Migrating and wintering Common Scoter in southwest Spain 23
Observations of the spring migration of divers and seaducks along the Western Coast of Kamchatka (Russia) 26
Autumn migration of arctic waterfowl in Finland, Estonia and northwestern Russia in 1993 32
Breeding status of Goosander, Red-breasted Merganser and Smew in Belarus 42
An outbreak of Pasteurellosis in Denmark 1996 44
Progress reports
Steller's Eider Action Plan 49
The Duck Specialist Group 50
Appendix 52


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