Wetlands International Seaduck Specialist Group Bulletin

No 7, December 1997

List of Contents

Editorial 1
Status reports
Wetlands International Western Palearctic Seaduck Database 2
Proceedings from Steller's Eider Workshop
Proceeding from the Steller's Eider Workshop in Kuressare, Estonia, 1-4 November 1996 6
Steller's Eider: National report from Russia 7
Status of the Steller's Eider in Finland 13
Steller's Eider wintering in Lithuania: numbers, distribution and behaviour 16
The occurrence of Steller's Eider Polysticta stelleri in Sweden 19
Overview of the status of Steller's Eider in Alaska, USA 23
Migration of Stell's Eider in Finland 26
Overview of the status of migrating and wintering Steller's Eider in East Siberia 32
Timing habitat use and breeding biology of Steller's Eider in the Lena Delta, Russia 36
Overview of the hunting legislation, legal and illegal hunting of the Stelle's Eider 41
Effects of Lumpsucker Cyclopterus lumpus fishing on Steller's Eider in Northern Norway, legislation and management 44
Case histoires of oil spills in Norway in relation to steller's eider 47
Regional reports  
North American Seaduck Specialist Group 48
International meeting on the nonbreeding ecology of diving ducks 49
Appendix 50


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