The Seaduck Specialist Group under
Wetlands International and IUCN


The Wetlands International Seaduck Specialist Group (SeSG) aims to enhance international cooperation among seaduck scientists including arrange regular meetings, form a link to international organisations, and disseminate information about seaduck research, particularly the results of national and international monitoring schemes. The SeSG is a recognised specialist group under IUCN.

The SeSG has an overall coordinator who is also the coordinator of the Africa-Europe-Middle East (AEME) region. Although activities are currently centred in this region, the immediate aim of the group is to become global. So far, a coordinator for North America has been appointed, but there remains a need for an equivalent in East Asia. Each major region is divided in subregions. Currently, regional coordinators exist for the Baltic Area (AEME) and the east and west coasts of North America.

Linked to the SeSG is a decentralised database which covers AEME. The aim of the database is to collate and store results from the International Waterbird Census (IWC) coordinated by Wetlands International. The database aims to provide reliable population estimates and information on seaduck trends and distribution.


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