Seaduck Specialist Group: Membership Questionnaire

Wetlands international is facing increasing demands on their role as scientific advisers which lead to increasing demands on the specialist groups to feed into the organisation. At the same time the SG's would like an increased role in planning Wetlands International Conferences, etc. To fulfil that new role it is imperative that the SeSG obtains much more detailed information of the members of the group. The requested information is need for entry to the SeSG database. Therefore, we ask you please to complete the questionnaire in full (ticking boxes as required) and provide the additional information requested if you continuously want to treceive the Seaduck Bulletin.

 Title and first name(s):
 Last name:


Is your interest in ducks: Amateur Professional
What is your interest in SeSG Correspondent National IWC coordinator
SG coordinator Library
What level of involvement would you like
in the DSG
Correspondent Project participant
Helping with group administration Helping with Seaduck Bulletin
Helping with homepage


For which groups do you have specific expertise, rather than a general interest? None Aythya ducks
Eiders Scoters
Harlequin Duck Goldeneyes
Merganser Seaducks in general
Please give the priority of the groups you have ticked 1
What is your special interest Trapping/ringing Counting/census
Taxonomy Winter biology
Food and feeding Breeding ecology
Behaviour Movements/migration
Population dynamics Habitat management
Policy/administration Conservation/management
Other (please specify:
Are you a national coordinator for Wetlands International Yes No

If yes

Are you willing to act as a national coordinator for seaducks Yes No
Are you willing to submit data directly to the Seaduck Database Yes No

Current activity

Please provide a one-line description of all current duck project:
Please send a list of publications of interest to SeSG members to . Reprints or photocopies of publications would be gratefully received.

Thank you for your cooperation 

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