Short Project Description

The Network operates in the framework of the European Commission Training and Mobility of Researchers Programme (TMR). The network consists of 10 members from 7 European countries. The teams belong to universities, research organisations and commercial consulting companies. Their field of research covers different aspects of air pollution modelling, such as: laboratory wind tunnel modelling, field measurements, computational fluid dynamics and regulatory applications of models.

The Network will provide the opportunity for Young Visiting Researchers to participate in the work of the networking teams. Position openings corresponding to at least 22 man-years are foreseen within the Network. In addition, the university teams will provide specialised courses of relevance for the network objectives. The Network started its operation in January 1998 and will continue until January 2000. The Danish National Environmental Research Institute (NERI), Department of Atmospheric Environment co-ordinates the work of the Network.

The research topic for the network concerns improvement and optimisation of the methods that are used for modelling of traffic pollution in streets. Based on evaluation of presently available models and study of results from field and laboratory experiments, the major deficits in the description of important processes will be identified and then addressed. The study will include measurements in streets, wind tunnel experiments, advanced numerical modelling and data evaluation. The results from the studies will be incorporated into simpler, operational models. The main objectives of the project are to improve the performance of models in the case of critical meteorological conditions, to improve their ability to handle different street architectures, to improve description of the chemical and physical conversion processes and treatment of new, not previously addressed pollutants.

The research work within the TRAPOS Network will be co-ordinated and contribute to the EUROTRAC-2 Subproject SATURN - Studying Atmospheric Pollution in Urban Areas.

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