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MADS Overview


The national database for marine data (MADS)

The purpose of these pages is to give an overview of data collected in the Danish national marine programs and to make these data available.

NERI is a partner of SEA-SEARCH and SeaDataNet.

http://www.sea-search.net - Your guide to Oceanographic and Marine Data & Information in Europe SeaDataNet

The database MADS and these pages is managed by Department of Marine Ecologi at NERI.

Structure of these pages

On these pages it is possible to select data from different topics as hydrochemistry, CTD, plankton and so on. The topic is on the menu to the left leading to a main page for the topic. On that page there are links to the selection on data in the bottom.

It is possible to select data from one or more stations in a period from one month to several years.

The stations are given with name and location (in Danish). Their places in the Danish waters is shown on maps for the different topics.

Then one or more parameters is selected and an ascii-file with semicolon separated values is produced.

The resulting ascii-file can be downloaded and used in spreadsheets.

Use of data

Data from these pages can be used freely. Please cite NERI as source when using the data in publications.

Ideas or problems

If you have ideas to improve these pages or have found errors or other problems then please send a mail to : Ole H. Manscher.

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