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Aquatic Environment

Nitrogen and phosphorus loading causes algal-green lakes and oxygen deficit in fjords and marine waters. Nitrate also poses a problem in the groundwater. A number of hazardous substances also place pressure on surface waters and the groundwater.

NERI is involved in monitoring of the aquatic environment as topic centre on freshwater ecology and marine ecology and is responsible for monitoring the Danish marine waters. Seven environment centres in the Danish Ministry of the Environment are responsible for the monitoring the groundwater, lakes, watercourses and fjords. NERI investigates the turnover and effects of nitrogen and phosphorus, the effects of selected hazardous substances, sustainable utilization of the water resources, marine mammals, and restoration of lakes and watercourses. We also investigate how global warming will affect the aquatic environment, and are constructing mathematical models for use in forecasting the trend.

Services and consultancy

NERI provides services and assistance to public and private clients in handling environmental issues within all our core areas. All consultancy activities are based on internationally acknowledged scientific research.

Here you’ll find further informations regarding NERI consultancy and presentations of NERI key competences.

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