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This page consist of references to relevant Internet sites with homepages In English - in Denmark and the rest of the world. The list is intended to ease access to energy and environmental issues on the Net.

 Danish Ministry of the Environment  - Agencies
 Public Services 
 Nongovernmental organisations and information centers 

 International environmental authorities
 International organisations
 International nongovernmental organisations and information centers
 The European Union
 International Conventions and Treaties

Ministry of the Environment - agencies
 Danish Energy Agency
 Danish Forest and Landscape Research Institute
 Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
 National Environmental Research Institute
 The Department

Danish Public Services (English presentations)
 Danish Competition Authority
 Ministry of Economic Affairs
 Ministry of Education
 Ministry of Finance
 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
 Ministry of Health
 Ministry of Labour
 Ministry of Research and Information Technology
 Ministry of Transport
 National Consumer Agency of Denmark
 Risø National Laboratory, research in science and technology
 Statistics Denmark
 The Danish Parliament - Folketinget

Danish nongovernmental organisations and information centers
 Agricultural Council of Denmark
 Confederation of Danish Industries
 Green City Denmark, Danish environmental technology and know-how
 Institute of Local Government Studies

International environmental authorities
 Australia  - Environment Australia On-line
 Austria - Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Jungend und Familie
 Canada - Environment, Canada's Green Lane
 Germany - Bundesumweltministerium    
 Germany- Umweltbundesamt
 Greenland Home Rule Authority
 Finland -  Finnish Environment Administration
 Hong Kong - Environmental Protection Department
 Indonesia - Environmental Impact Management Agency (B A P E D A L)
 Ireland - Department of the Environment and Local Government
 Iceland - Ministry for the Environment
 Israel - Ministry of the Environment
 Lithuania - Environmental Protection Ministry
 Malaysia - Department of Environment
 Netherlands - Ministry of Housing
 New Zealand - Ministry for the Environment
 Norway - Miljøverndepartementet      
 Norway - Statens Forurensningstilsyn
 Poland - Polish Institute of Environmental Protection
 Portugal - Direccao Geral do Ambiente
 Singapore - Ministry of the Environment
 Sweden - Naturvårdsverket    
 Sweden- Kemikalieinspektionen
 Thailand - Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment
 United Kingdom- Environment Agency for England and Wales
 USA - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

International organisations
 Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission - HELCOM
 Basel Action Network
 International Maritime Organization
 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
 UNEP System wide Earthwatch
 UNEP Collaboration Centre on Energy and Environment
 World Bank
 World Trade Organisation

International nongovernmental organisations and information centers
 Environmental Journalism Home Page
 Earth Watch - Enviromental Reseach
 ENDS Environment Daily, Europe's first daily environmental News Service
 Greenpeace International
 Yahoo - Environment and Nature
 The Environmental News Network (ENN) 
 World Business Council for Sustainable Development
 World Resources Institute
 Worldwatch Institute
 WWF Global Network

The European Union
 DG VI: Agriculture
 DG XI: Environment, Nuclear Safety and Civil Protection
 European Environment Agency
 Homepage of The European Commission - EUROPA
 Homepage of The European Parliament - EUROPARL

International Conventions/Treaties
 Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators,  World Conservation Union et al.
 International Environmental Agreements and Conventions, World Resources Institute
 United Nations Environment Programme - Conventions

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