Gl. Hellebækvej 70
DK-3000 Helsingør (Elsinore)
phone +45 49 28 09 00

We are pleased to offer accommodation at the LO-Skolen. The LO-Skolen is an educational institution with close ties to the Danish labour movement. It is a modern and flexible centre for conferences and seminars. The college is beautifully situated in a park by the sea. From the college you will find there's an excellent view of the sea, and the surrounding woods and golf courses. The college is in itself a piece of art, originally designed by Danish architects Jarl Heger and Ebbe and Karen Clemmensen in 1969.

The college has one of Denmark's finest collections of modern Danish art with several hundred unique paintings and sculptures.Any visitor will feel how this goes hand in hand with the design of the house and the nature surrounding it.

During leisure time, no one should be bored at the LO-Skolen. There is a high quality library with access to networks and an international section with newspapers and literature in English. You can entertain yourself with many activities, e.g. table tennis, billiards, skittles, and saunas, or by using the neighbouring golf courses (extra). There are a number of 'in-house pubs' at the college.

The LO-Skolen is situated on the outskirts of the medieval town of Helsingør (Elsinore), known for its fourteenth century castle, Kronborg, made famous by Shakespeare's play Hamlet. North Zealand with its numerous sights, historical monuments and beautiful nature is within range for half or full day excursions.A one-hour drive by bus or train takes you to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

All rooms - single or double - are with bath and shower, phone, radio and hair dryer. To reserve accommodation at LO-Skolen please complete the appropriate section on the registration form.

Accommodation at LO-Skolen, 4-10 August 2001

Participant - Full board in single room

DKK 5,050

Participant and accompanying person -
Full board in double room - per person

DKK 3,650

Accompanying persons -
Breakfast only - in double room with participant

DKK 2,480

Full board accommodation includes:
Bed, breakfast, lunches, dinners (excl. beverage) and coffee/tea during the entire stay.

Accompanying persons accommodation - breakfast only - includes:
Bed and breakfast only.

Lunch and dinner can be bought separately in advance - please see the registration form.

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