General information


The official Conference language is English. No simultaneous interpretation will be provided.

Local Transportation

  • From Terminal 3 at the airport you can go directly to the LO-Skolen, by taking the train to Helsingør (leaving every 20 min).
  • From the station in Helsingør you take bus 803 ('Hellebo Park'), which stops at LO-Skolen.

A total of 1½ hours. Price DKK 50.

  • A taxi from Helsingør Station to LO-Skolen takes about 10 min and costs DKK 60.

The ticket office at Terminal 3 can help you purchase the tickets.

Liability and Insurance

Neither the Organisers (SIP11) nor the Conference Bureau will assume any responsibility whatsoever for damage or injury to persons or property during the Conference. Participants are recommended to arrange for their personal travel and health insurance.


The weather in Denmark in August is normally very pleasant, usually sunny. However, on occasion an umbrella may be useful. Daytime average temperature is around 20°C, evening temperature around 12°C.


Monday to Friday normal banking hours are from 09:30 to 16:00 hrs. On Thursdays banking hours are extended to 18:00 hrs. There are automatic cash dispensers, usually located in connection with a bank branch, which accept a variety of international credit cards. The cards accepted are indicated on the dispenser.


Monday to Friday shops are open from 09:30/10:00 to 17:30/18:00 hrs. On Saturdays the shops are open until 13:00/14:00 hrs but are closed on Sundays.


Tips are always included in the prices given in taxies and restaurants.


Electricity is supplied at 230 volts A/C, 50 Hz cycle.

Emergency Services

Police - Ambulance - Fire Brigade * Touch 112


The Organisers reserve the right to adjust or change the programme as necessary.