European State of the Environment publications

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1995 ... publications

Holten-Andersen, J., Paaby, H., Christensen, N., Wier, M. & Andersen, F.M. (1995): Recommendations on Strategies for Integrated Assessment of Broad EnvironmentalProblems. Report Submitted to the European Environment Agency (EEA) by the National Environmental Research Institute (NERI), Denmark. National Environmental Research Institute. 77 pp.

IFEN (1995) :The Environment in France : 1994/1995. Key Facts and Figures.
IFEN. 47 pp.

Institute for European Environmental Policy (1995): The State of Action to Protect the Environment in Europe.
Copenhagen: European Environment Agency (EEA). 44 pp. Experts' Corner 1:1995.

Stanners, D. & Bourdeau (eds.) (1995): Europe's Environment : The Dobris Assessment.
Copenhagen: European Environment Agency (EEA). 616 pp.

1994... publications

Austrian Federal Environment Agency (1994) : State of the Environment in Austria.
Vienna: Federal Environmetal Agency. 168 pp.

Europe's Environment : The Dobris Assessment. An overview.
Published by the European Environment Agency (EEA), Copenhagen in October 1994. 16 pp.

Kristensen, P. & Hansen, H.O. (eds.) (1994): European Rivers and Lakes. Assessment of their Environmental State.
Copenhagen: European Environmental Agency (EEA). 122 pp. EEA Environmental Monographs 1.

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