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Studying Environmental Problems in Europe
by Using Air Pollution Models

EU-ESPRIT Project No. 24618
(an activity within the METIER-DANHIT and TTN)

Participants: NERI (Denmark), INERIS (France), and UNI-C (Denmark)

The Danish Eulerian Model (DEM) is a very advanced model for studying the air pollution in Europe over extended periods of time; currently simulated time periods of up to seven years are possible through the combined use of modern computer architectures and fast numerical methods. In this project the model is run with special emphasis on France in order:

It will be immediately observable from this sort of demonstration how interlinked and interdependent Europe is and how modelling using HPCN (High Performance Computing and Networking) must be used on a wide scale in order to achieve the broad awareness in the public as well as with industrial partners which is necessary for the estimation of the impact of the real and costly action options which have to be continuously evaluated.

The work is carried out by NERI and INERIS specialists in use of air pollution models for environmental studies and by UNI-C, a regional TTN (Technology Transfer Node) node specialising in HPCN technology. The advanced Danish Eurlerian Model parallel computer code will be run on a set of careful prepared scenarios and the results will be postprocessed for general publication.

Some examples of scenarios by using DEM (from the deliverable DT1 of the project) are given below. The scenarios are carried out by running DEM for the whole of Europe twice. First DEM is run with all the European emisisons included (called Europe in the figures). Then the model is run where some specific emissions are set to zero (in this case all the French emissions are set to zero, and the results are called Europe-France). The two results are compared (in percent) and the results are showing the effect on the deposition and/or concentrations (see the two figures below).


Ratios (in percent) of the ozone concentrations obtained when all
the French emissions are set to zero and the total ozone concentrations
obtained with all European emissions in summer 1994 (100 (Europe-France)/Europe).


Ratios (in percent) of the total NOX depositions obtained when all
the French emissions are set to zero and the total NOX depositions
obtained with all European emissions in 1994 (100 (Europe-France)/Europe).


Further information

More results and a description of the major tasks that are to be solved within the project are included in the two deliverables: DT1 and DT2 and the final report of the EUROAIR project. The deliverable can be downloaded below. The files are in postscript format and can be printed to any postscript printer. Please notice that all figures are colour figures. The gzip'ed version of DT1 and DT2 is a gzip'ed tar file (UNIX-systems).

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Document date: November 27, 1998

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