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Network of Information Centres on the Environment in Europe

European Environment Library Network

NICE-Europe (EELNET) is a network of contact persons from selected European environment libraries and information centres and the European Environment Agency Library. The contact persons have been nominated by the European National Focal Points (NFPs).
- The EELNET Conference is an electronic conference restricted to the co-operating partners. Information is available from lmj@dmu.dk

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The home page as well as the networking is under construction.

Contact person:

	Lilian Mex-Jørgensen
	National Environmental Research Institute
	Vejlsøvej 25
	P.O. Box 314
	DK­8600 Silkeborg Denmark

	e­mail: lmj@dmu.dk
	Tel. +45 89 20 14 00
	Fax. +45 89 20 14 14

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Last modified : November 2000