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The decision support system

A decision support system has been established for advising on selection of input data and analysis methods in order to tailor the system for the assessment of environmental quality in different coastal waters and for different environmental management purposes.

Under the heading Decision making is the actual analysis of the problem at hand, it is the intent that the system will be currently extended so that the newest experiences are at hand for the end user at all times.

The decision support system is primarily operating on parameters that are influencing the choice of primary sensor and the detail level achieved by the sensor and post-processing.

The result of the decision support system is a calculated score to the different modes of remote sensing that have been tested during the project. The method with the highest score is the method that is recommended on the basis of the experiences gained from this project.

This does however not mean that other methods should not be applied under the given circumstances. The calculated score is to be taken as a guide-line and not as the only method applicable.


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