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Consultancy, monitoring, etc. in the area of environment and nature. NERI performs consultancy and monitoring for private companies and public institutions within:

  • Aquatic environment (pressure from agriculture and fish-farming, restoration)
  • Air pollution (effects of traffic and other sources, dispersion modelling)
  • Nature (monitoring, effects of construction projects, windmills, hunting and other outdoor activities; restoration)
  • Xenobiotic compounds and organisms (risk assessment, monitoring, chemical analyses)
  • Policy analyses (integrated modelling and assessment, society and the environment)

International activities

NERI participates increasingly in international activities within the institutes working area. An important task is the co-operation with the European Environment Agency. NERI is part of several consortiums with participants from all over Europe.

In the Ministry of the Environment NERI co-operates with the Danish Forest and Landscape Research Institute and the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (co-ordinator) on projects in relation to Denmarks environmental aid programme.

NERI’s project catalogue includes projects on sustainable use of nature (the Baltic states, Andes region), air pollution (Czech Republic; Russia, Malaysia, China), establishment of laboratory facilities (Thailand), aquatic environment (the whole European region), sustainable extraction of mineral raw materials (Tanzania, Zambia), integrated assessment (South Africa).


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