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The state of the Environment in Denmark, 2001

NERI Technical report no. 409

Full report
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Chapter 1 (611 KB)
Societal pressures- Part 1.1-1.4.6
Chapter 1 (1257 KB) Continue
Societal pressures- Part 1.4.7 - 1.7
Chapter 2 (1006 KB)
Chapter 3 (1164 KB)
The aquatic environment
Chapter 4 (2521 KB)
State of Denmark´s nature and environment - Part 4.-4.2.3
Chapter 4 (700 KB)
State og Denmark´s nature and environment - Part 4.3-4.5
Chapter 5 (1234 KB)
Man and the urban community
Literature (218 KB)
The Theme Database
All the data on which the report is based are available on the Internet. The report figures and tables and the data upon which they are based, and documentation, etc. can be found in the National Environmental Research Institute´s thematic database, where the data and figures will be regularly updated. The theme database containing the data for this report is only avaible in danish.

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