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Nutrients and Eutrophication in Danish Marine Waters

A Challenge for Science and Management

Edited by Ærtebjerg, G., Andersen, J.H. & Hansen, O.S. National Environmental Research Institute

Chapter 1 (p. 7-18) presents background information, definitions and descriptions of the cause effect relationships as well as a brief reference to the Danish National Monitoring and Assessment Programme, which is the major source of data for this assessment.

Chapter 2 (p. 19-84) includes the technical and scientific assessment of the eutrophicaion status of the Danish marine waters and is structured according to the principles and guidelinges adopted by OSPAR. Focus is on the state of the marine waters compared to the ecological objectives. The temporal trend is also addressed, both with respect to the observed data and indices corrected for variations in climate (run-off, temperature, insolation etc.).

Chapter 3 (p. 85-100) describes existing national strategies and measures implemented to abate nutrient enrichment and eutrophication.

Chapter 4 (p. 101-126) summarises the findings of chapters 1, 2 and 3, assesses the overall eutrophication status of the Danish marine waters and discusses possible future actions.

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