Latin American workshop on air pollution

Latin American workshop on "Control and forecast techniques of emissions from power plants"

Taller Latinoamericano "Control y Técnicas de Previsión de las Emisiones de Centrales Termoeléctricas"

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This workshop was held in Cuernavaca, Mexico, June 24-28, 1996.

The workshop was organized by the Mexican Instituto de Investigaciones Eléctricales, with co-organizers from Servizi Territorio (Italy), and National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark. It was sponsored by the DG XII of the European Commission.

The topics discussed were not strictly confined to pollution from thermal power plants, but also included more general discussions on how to improve air quality.

The following Latin American countries were represented at the workshop:

Directions for future work

At the end of the workshop a resolution was passed, outlining ideas for future work.

Among these themes of common interest are:

The resolution states that the workshop participants will prepare concrete proposals on the themes mentioned and submit them to the relevant national authorities and to international bodies for cooperation, in particular the European Commission.

Information of interest to the Latin American air pollution community

If you wish to have supplemental information of interest to the Latin American air pollution community posted here, please contact Helge Rørdam Olesen at NERI.

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