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Building downwash algorithm for the OML atmospheric dispersion model

H.R. Olesen and E. Genikhovich

Research Notes from NERI no. 123


The report describes the results of studies aimed at improving the building down-wash algorithm, which is currently used in the Danish OML atmospheric dispersion model. These studies will have to be followed by additional work before a revised model can be brought into general operation.
The report contains a brief review of methods for treatment of building effects as they are found in the scientific literature. It also describes and examines the current procedure for treatment of building downwash in the OML model. Finally, the principles of a new, proposed algorithm is outlined.
The studies reported were carried out as part of a project supported by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. They constitute the first phase in the development of a new building downwash procedure for the OML model.

Bibliographic information: Olesen, H.R. and E. Genikhovich (2000): Building downwash algorithm for the OML atmospheric dispersion model. National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark. 30 pp. Research Notes from NERI No. 123. Available at

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